How Alcohol Affects The Spirit

By , Apr 24, 2019
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Long story short, about alcohol and Spirituality is, alcohol has no benefit for you on your spiritual path. There is no positive or high vibrational shift that comes from drinking alcohol. The fact is, alcohol is a depressant. It slows down your metabolic system which in turn, makes it harder to raise your Spiritual vibration. These aren’t my opinions; we know that alcohol numbs your senses.

When I speak of Spirituality, I’m not talking about an organized-religious path, although it could apply. Personally, I’m speaking of a shift or raising of vibration and a connection to Source/God/The Universe/Spirit/Truth or Authentic Self. Spirit(s) connects at a high-energy state. Alcohol induces a low energy state. Also, alcohol is commonly known as one of the tools of avoidance that masks or weakens our Spiritual “Gifts”. I believe that in order for Spirit(s) to connect with you clearly, their energy has to mesh with yours. When we raise our vibration, we have a better opportunity to experience that.

Another thing that seems to prove true is; the more light, more lifted and more elevated activities we participate in such as meditating, making dietary and social shifts and connecting more with our soul path, the more light, lifted and elevated our souls become. These things are how we raise our vibrations. As we raise our vibration, our new normal energetic state will start to clash with low energy states. My experience, since I got sober in 2017, is the higher and higher my natural energetic state becomes, the more difficult it is for me to lower that state back down. I feel uncomfortable and not my Authentic Self when I try and adjust my energetic vibration to match someone’s that is either in a constant negative frame of mind or worse-case scenario, under the influence of alcohol. The truth is, my contact with people at lower Spiritual frequency, doesn’t happen as often anymore. As Souls, we travel on frequency “highways”. I think those highways bring us to Souls on matching frequencies. Just my experience.

On April 13, 2019, I was fortunate enough to attended a speaking engagement called “Return to Presence”, where Eckhart Tolle and Marianne Williamson spoke. Eckhart specifically talked about the detriments of putting “Substances” of all kinds into our bodies. He talked about the human desire to check-out and numb our feelings and how doing that is a block to Spiritual growth. He said that rather than pull away and mask the uncomfortable feelings, we should lean into them, sit with them and experience them. In his talk, the idea of raising our vibration was addressed and he also talked about the ways in which Buddhists regard the mind as precious. The Buddhist, he said, work diligently, through meditation to master the mind and this includes avoiding alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. Eckhart said that alcohol can create an artificial sense of contentment, but that contentment is our ego lying to us. The ego also tells us we need to lighten up or “chill-out” to have a Spiritual Experience. Another deception.

I read an article on that explained how it can take up to ten days to restore your vibration once when you drink. The article talked about how our vibration drops when we drink and the extra work one needs to do to restore that higher vibration. It seemed to support and confirm what Eckhart claimed.

I’ll end today with another truth for me. Mindfulness enables me to react wisely to emotions and sensations when they arise. Reacting wisely was never something I could do when I was drinking. Not to say an individual that drinks can’t have a Spiritual Awakening or connection. I don’t judge and have no opinion on another’s choice to drink. My hat is off to you if you can drink like a normal person. Cheers and Salute! I can only speak to my experience with a sober connection to a Higher Power.

And so it is.